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Dana's Want List
I am looking for the following:

Mattel My Child Dolls/Outfits-
"My Child" boys sail boat sun suit outfit with fisherman's hat and tee shirt
My Child shoes: 4 pairs of white T Straps (Mary Janes)

Hasbro Charmkins-
Purple version of Lady Slipper (ballerina), a mint condition Popcorn (mine is in bad condition), nest ring, head band for windmill and the hot air balloon play set if it exists.

Tyco Dixie's Diner-
Dolls-Bobby, Barbara Ann, Darren, Dottie, Frankie, and Mitch.
Items-Juke Box, Booth Set, Fridge, Kitchen Set, and Counter Service Set.

Kenner Sea Wees-
Tropigals- Camille and Oceania, I had these two as a child, they were my only Sea Wees, I'd like them again complete with pets and babies. I believe Camille came with Pelly the Pelican and a blue baby and Oceania came with Seasar the catfish and a green baby.

Takara Dolls-
Laurie Doll, sold in the US has blonde sausage curls

Kenner SSC-
SSC Sweet Sleeper would like MIB
Dancin' SSC MIB
Berry Happy Home house, furniture, etc...
Plum Puddins' Party Pleaser outfit

This page may be changed and updated at times.

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