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Here are a couple of my childhood CPKs plus a few new ones I recently collected...
My Sister and I had a lot of Cabbage Patch Kids as children (my Mom really liked them and went a little crazy buying them and anything related to them). I remember picking out my first doll at the local JcPenny's right after that one Christmas where everyone was beating each other up to get one. My cousin Chrissy and I had to wait until after that Christmas and then sure enough there were tons of them available. I have a small CPK shelf in my room which displays these dolls. I also have 12 of my childhood CPKs in storage because I am short on space. (These dolls are not for sale sorry)

"Roberta", My Popcorn Girl
Info and pic coming soon!
"Chloe" My Rope Braided Girl
Info and pic coming soon!

"Rachel Caroline" My TRU Girl
This is "Rachel Caroline" and she is a 2002 Toys R Us exclusive Cabbage Patch Kid doll. I love her hair and her pretty bown eyes. I bought this little school girl outfit for her as she originally came in pink PJs. She smells like apples =)
"Eva Miquel" My Jesmar Girl
This is my Jesmar CPK, she is from Spain. I managed to find Jesmar papers for her and they have the name "Cristina Daniela" on them but when I was 10 I used to write to a penpal in Spain named "Eva Miquel" so I will call this doll "Eva" after her. "Eva" is pronounced "Ava" in Spanish. I love her "Pippy Longstocking" style braids and her cute freckles =)
"Miles" my beanbutt baby CPK
Pic coming soon
Miles is my bald, green eyed, bean butt, CPK baby. However, this is not the original Miles. Miles was my favorite childhood CPK and he was completely RUINED in storage =( It took me a while but I finally found this Mile's look-a-like. I dressed him in Mile's original outfit, he also has his original paci and blanket. The only difference is this one has a paci face and Miles didn't. The original Miles had a paci hung around his neck on a white ribbon just for show. I got him for Christmas one year and I still remember opening him, he smelled like baby powder. My sis got one as well. She has a girl in a pink knitted outfit. As soon as I find my CPK papers (they are all in the basement I'll put Miles full name up on here).
My Three Favorite Childhood CPKs
Pic and info coming soon!

Dana Lee Colburn 2003