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Here are some pictures of some of the misc. dolls and toys I have...
Unfortunately, I have too many odds and ends to take pics of everything. But I will try my best. None of the items pictured are for sale sorry. Many of these pics are group pics, if I took individual pics of every single doll and item it would take me a very long time. You can see individual pics of many of these dolls and toys as well as more in depth information about them by clicking on the related links on my "Links" page =)

My Strawberry Shortcake Collection
This collection consists of my childhood SSC dolls, a MIB Peach Blush Party Pleaser, my cousin's SSC lunch box, a SSC rag doll, and a glass SSC candy jar which I picked up at a flea market for 3 dollars. I also have a ton of SSC minis (PVC figures) I couldn't get a decent pic of them though since there are so many and they are tiny. I also have the SSC Big Apple City board game, SSC trolley, doll case, bicycle, butterfly glider, and hammock hut packed up in my basement. I don't really collect SSC but there are a few SSC items that I do want on my want list. I would also LOVE to have a "Berry Happy Home" one day. I wanted one as a child and got "My Little Pony Estates" instead. My favorite SSC character is Blueberry Muffin.
Coming Soon SSC Blow Kiss Baby!
Remember these? These were little floral scented dolls and animals that can be either worn as jewelry (each came with something to wear it on) or played with in one of the play sets. There were two play sets available a cottage and a windmill. There was also rumored to be a hot air balloon play set (if you have one of these for sale EMAIL ME!).
Sea Wees
The original bath tub toy for girls. These little mermaids would float in their lilly pads made of sponge. They had matching babies and later versions had matching pets. I have this MOC Shelley and Baby Sprite. As a child I had Sea Wees Tropigals (these were tropical Sea Wees with hula skirts). I had Camille who had blue hair and a matching baby and a blue pelican and Oceania who had green hair and a matching baby and an orange cat fish. I'd like to have these two again. I also collect Li'l Loggers, which are little toys that consisted of a Lumberjack, a woodland creature, and a sponge log. Very much like Sea Wee's but intended for little boys. I have 3 Li'l Loggers all MOC because they are MOC they don't photograph well. I'm amazed this Sea Wee pic came out =)
Luv Buds
One Easter I got a "Luv Bud." These are little dolls that sit on the inside of a flower. When you water the flower with the little watering can, the water makes the petals open and you see the doll sitting inside. When you drain the water out you can close the petals and do it again. The doll also comes out for play. You can turn the watering can upside down and use it as a doll stand. I broke my original one as a child by pulling the petals off! I bought this one a few weeks ago. Its not the same one I had but very similar.
This is my childhood friend, my teddy bear "Bubbles." I named him that because when I got him he was holding a small bottle of bubble bath. My Grandma Lucy gave him to me one Christmas. His tag says he is from Montgomery Wards, well it used to say that, the tag fell off long ago. Could Bubbles have relatives out there somewhere? =)
I have had him for 19 years now. I used to carry him everywhere. I grew out of that but I can't seem to kick him out of my bed lol.
Paddington Bear
I love Paddington. This is not my original Paddington, he was destroyed by our old dog when I was 4 years old. I just recently bought this one for sentimental value. He looks just like mine only a bit smaller and brand new. Mine was scruffy with a chewed "Please look after this bear" tag. I grew up watching Paddington everyday on Nickelodeon's old show "Pinwheel." I can still hear the theme music. I also read all the Paddington books as a child. I've always liked him because he's a bit bratty.

Dana Lee Colburn 2003