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My Collection of My Child Dolls (This page is temporarily under MAJOR construction because I FINALLY completed the collection!!! YAY!)
These dolls were made by Mattel and first appeared in stores in 1985. There are boy and girl "My Child" dolls. The dolls came with different hairstyles, hair colors, and eye colors. They also had African American and Hispanic versions. The idea was to pick out a doll that would resemble its owner. I'm not going to go into depth on "My Child" doll information. There are a few beautiful sites out there that go into detail on the different variations available, the outfits and accessories available, cleaning tips, etc. I have provided links to these pages on my links page. Please take the time to check them out =) they are really gorgeous. My page basically just shows pictures of my personal collection of My Child dolls and outfits.

My Father took me to the local toy store one day in 1985, I really wanted a "My Child" doll as a few of my friends each had one already. I remember carefully picking mine out but I do not remember what any of the other dolls available looked like. I chose a brunette with pigtails and aqua eyes. One day I unpacked the doll from my basement. Her hair was a mess but she was complete. I had let my sister Karen play with her too. She remembered the doll's name and insisted it was Emily. I had a lot of fun cleaning her up and so began my My Child collection.(None of the dolls here are for sale sorry)

Emily (my childhood My Child)


Dana Lee Colburn 2003