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I am lucky enough to own a Mary Blair print. I love it so much I'm giving it this whole page...
Mary Blair is the Disney artist responsible for creating small world. She also worked on several of the animated films. She has a very unique childlike style. Every year when I was a child we'd vacation at Disney World and stay at the Contemporary Resort Hotel. Mary Blair created a giant mural on the grand concourse there. The mural depicts Native American children and animals. There were also several figures of these children behind glass outside the bar. In the hotel rooms a different picture of these same children hung over each bed. I loved those pictures. Eventually, the hotel was remodeled and the figures and pictures taken down and sold to the employees. The mural remains. I saw one of these pictures pop up on Ebay and that's how I found out about the remodeling. I had to have one of those pictures but they were so expensive. After saving up A LOT of money I finally won one. I nearly had a heart attack at 22 yrs of age =) In a freaky coincidence the picture I won is the same one I am sitting below in a photo of me at age 2 or 3.

My Print
It needs a new frame. I plan to hang it over the ferret cage in my room. I love it!!! Just looking at it brings back so many happy childhood memories.
Me as a Child Sitting Under the Same Print
I must be about 2 or 3 here. I had broken my arm shortly before the trip. Dig that vintage stuffed Dumbo! I still own him! I am sitting under the print I now own. Pretty freaky huh?


Dana Lee Colburn 2003