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There are two kinds of Blythe dolls the original Kenner Blythe and the reproduction Blythe dolls by Takara...
The Kenner Blythe doll came out for one year, 1972. She wasn't very popular and possibly scared a lot of kids. Blythe has an overly large head (the size of a softball) and what makes her special is when you put the string in the back of her head she closes her eyes, they then change color and direction, and then open again. They change from pink to green to orange and to blue. Green and Blue look to the side and Pink and Orange look straight ahead. Kenner also made a doll case for Blythe, 4 wigs (sunglasses came with each), and 12 gorgeous outfits. Blythe is 11 inches tall and original came in 4 hair colors-Redhead, Brunette, Dark Brunette, and Blonde. The Redheads and Brunettes came with or without bangs (fringe). The Kenner Blythe doll is very popular today and very expensive. However, a year or so ago Takara toy company began making Blythe doll reproductions. They all have different names and styles. I won't get into them all. The early ones have Licca doll bodies and their faces are either too shiny or too matte. The newer Takara reproductions are becoming very close to resembling the original Kenner Blythe with the same body and complexion. Takara releases different dolls, outfits, and accessories each month or so. They have been releasing so many that I can't keep up anymore so now I only buy the dolls and outfits that I really love. I love them all and its hard to decide but I must resist or go broke =)

  My Blythes
I own twelve Blythe dolls so far. Two are Kenner's and the rest are Takara's. I own 6 of the original 1972 outfits and the original doll case too. One of my Kenner's is a customized doll. My sister and I switched her eye colors so that blue looks straight ahead instead of to the side. She is in need of a wig. I plan to get a redheaded wig since I can't afford a Kenner Redhead right now.
It will be a while before I put up a new group pic this is because I have two or three more Takara Blythe dolls coming in the next two months. When they are all here I'll take a pic of the collection. I plan to take a break from Takara Blythe this summer. I'm only planning to buy the Kubrick figures.
If you'd like to see the lovely Cherry Berry TRU exclusive Blythe please visit my "Monthly Showcase" page.

New Updated Group Pic Coming Soon!
  My Favorite Blythe My favorite Blythe is my Kenner Brunette. Her name is Blythe =) If I could only keep one of these dolls she would be the one. She has one flaw she can't turn her head. When I bought her, her head was broken off and I had to glue it back on.

My Kenner Blythe
Isn't she lovely?
  My Favorite Repro It's hard to pick a favorite reproduction Blythe but Rose Red here is very photogenic. I did her hair myself and out of all the dolls I mess with her the most. Being a brunette myself I'm probably showing favoritism. I do love all my Blythe's though.

Rose Red, one hip chick

Dana Lee Colburn 2003