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Once again here are some more group pics of my misc. toys...

Funshine Bear
You are filled with unlimited energy and extremely resourceful. You like to tackle problems and tasks head-on and you gladly accept any jobs that come along the way. However, you often take on too much and your stubbornness won't allow you to accept help from others. But you're always willing to have a good time!

Again none of these toys are for sale sorry.

Care Bears
I had Care Bears figures as a child and the Care A Lot headquarters (pictured). I still have everything and I'm saving it so my future kid can play with it. I also have a plush Brave Heart Lion. My Sis had Bright Heart Raccoon and Swift Heart Rabbit. My Mother got them for us after we saw the Care Bears Movie. The movie introduced the Care bear Cousins and the evil spirit that lived in the magic book in that movie gave me nightmares like you wouldn't believe. I had wanted a Cheer Bear plush as a child and never got one. Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear are my favorites. My Sis loves Bedtime Bear. I bought myself the new Grumpy retro plush. I also have some Care Bear books, a lunch pail, and some puzzles. I used to watch the cartoon every morning before school. My Dad made me watch the "Care Bears Say No to Strangers" special on TV. Looking back it was effective and FUNNY. People in large Care Bear costumes swaying back and forth and helping kids make the right decisions when approached by strangers. I miss watching the Care Bear cartoons every morning while eating my "Undercover Bears" oatmeal.
I had a little girl Monchhichi doll who wore a calico dress and sleep cap. I am looking for one just like her as mine seems to have mysteriously vanished. I still have all my Monchhichi PVCs and I recently bought a girl baby girl Monchhichi doll. I would like to get a Monchhichi Grandpa doll too. They still make Monchhichi dolls in Japan and these are easy to find on Ebay. They have some really funny ones dressed up as fruits and veggies. They also have some wearing animal sleepers and they even have a Sushi Chef doll.

Dolly Pops
Dolly Pops came out in the ealry 80s late 70s. They were meant for little hands and they had outfits that would pop on and off the dolls. The dolls have adorable faces and two brushable little pigtails, there was also a baby version who had molded on blonde hair and is a little shorter. This is the only set I have and its from my childhood. I'd like more of these.

Sylvanian Familes
These are woodland creatures with houses and furniture. They also had larger animals that talked when hooked up to a wire. That was what I really wanted a brown talking bunny. This house is a lot of fun though and I spent hours playing with it. My favorite figure, which is also the first thing I ever got in this collection, is the gray baby bunny. I still have her and I didn't lose her teeny tiny bottle either. Then my parents got the house and the brown rabbit family and the gray bear family for me. These families consisted of a Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister. I also got another brown rabbit girl (so I have twins), a gray Grandma rabbit, and a fake Sylvanian figure (a gray mouse). He is so cute though, so I couldn't not include him. My Sis brought home 4 "Maple Town" figures (Patty Rabbit and three raccoons) from a flea market. They are very similar to these guys. "Maple Town" was a great cartoon show on Nickelodeon. Sylvanian families are popular with a lot of collectors especially in Japan. I'm keeping this house so that my children can play with it someday. Some toys never lose their play ability. I couldn't fit the whole house in the picture clearly but you can get a general idea.
Hello Kitty and Friends
I've had quite a few Hello Kitty items all my life. The two most prominent Hello Kitty items from my childhood are pictured here, my Hello Kitty rubber stamp play set and my Hello Color doll (that's Hello Kitty's friend My Melody). I remember wanting a Hello Color after seeing the commercial on Saturday morning (cartoon time). These dolls change color when wet. The commercial was very misleading, it showed children playing in the bath with their Hello Colors and then cuddling the same Hello Color that night in their beds. I got a Hello Color shortly after, it was a penguin like creature (not Tuxedo Same though). I soon found out that when you wet your Hello Color it took 2-3 days to dry. I threw a fit because after bath time was bed time and I couldn't bring Hello Color along because he was soaked. He then became strictly a bath toy and a week or so later he felt apart. I was so sad. My Dad bought me another one "My Melody" and told me not to wet it often. I only got it wet about 3 times and kept it nice. It's still intact and it still changes color =)

Gloworm and Glo Friends
My Grandma got me a Glo Worm as a present on my 4th Birthday. He stills glows! When the Glo Friends came out I told my Father that I wanted the butterfly figure. One night he stopped at a toy store on the way home from work and got me one. It glows after you put it next to a lamp for a little while. She has a blue sleeping bag. Years later I found another one just like it in an antique building in Flemington. She was in a baggie like a kids meal toy and didn't have a sleeping bag. I bought her for a quarter intending to sell her. But she became friends with my other butterfly, can't separate them now =)

Due to space limitations I couldn't picture A LOT of my other dolls and toys. I am considering making a separate page for my Takara Licca and other Japanese dolls as I have so many and would like to photograph each in pairs. Anyway, I really wish I could have included the following toys on this page (it was hard to pick what to put up here and what not to)- Potato Head Kids, Wuzzles, Get Along Gang, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Snorks, Smurfs, Herself the Elf, Rose Petal Place, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Weebles, Ewoks, Tree Tots, Playmobile, Ginny Sassoon, Dixie's Diner, Nerfuls, Wonder Whims, Blinkins, Li'l Loggers, Holly Hobbie, and more...


Dana Lee Colburn 2003