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Who is Dana?
I'm 23 and I have lived here in New Jersey all my life. I live in a great area, NYC, Philly, and the beach are all a short distance away. I'm currently attending school with hopes of becoming a Paramedic. However, I may change my mind or careers one day as I easily get bored lol. I've always been into doing my own thing and not following the crowd. I'm somewhat antisocial but I do have a few good friends. If I like something I'll buy it, wear it, or use it whether its the trend or not, no matter what. I still live at home with my family and I have quite a few beautiful pets, you can see pics of them by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. I also have a wonderful boyfriend named Jimmy and we've been together for almost 4 years now =)I love you Jimmy! The photo on the right is of me as a child. I'm about 7 or 8 and its Easter Sunday. A recent pic of me can be found on my guest book page. While your there sign my book =)


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My Other Interests
I love to read, play with my pets, watch movies, knit, ride my bike, take long walks, paint, travel, go to the beach, swimming, play video games, roller blade, cook and bake, shop, spend time with friends and family, write, listen to music, and lots more. Some favorites of mine are old movies, children's books old and new, the Florida Orange Bird, the colors blue and orange, the number 8, Disney (I LOVE Snow White, the old fashioned Mickey Mouse, Alice, Mr. Toad, Figment, I could go on and on), museums (especially art and natural history), 70s and 80s music, Nintendo Gameboy Advance (I love cute games and Zelda), fairies, mermaids, pottery, anything "Alice in Wonderland", anime, Hummels, and Miffy by Dick Bruna to name a few. I also love crafts and learning new things. I am trying to learn some Japanese so that when I travel to Japan one day I won't be totally lost. I also am currently learning how Crochet and Sew. I hoping to make some cute doll clothes to sell.

I am Snow White!
Which Disney Princess are you?

I love my pets! To see them all please click on the link below...
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